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Improved Nature is proud to hold Safe Quality Food Certification, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This world-class certification validates that our plant-based protein products have been grown, produced, prepared, and handled with the highest possible global food safety standards.
Certification is based solely on sound scientific principles applied across all industries and valued by all stakeholders.

Prepared Plant-Based Products

Improved Nature’s product line-up includes three options for advanced taste and nutrition with signature qualities and benefits to support meal choice, menu prep and intensity of healthfulness. Our easy to prepare, all-natural chicken alternatives add flavor and nutritional impact to any food service menu and our leading lines are available in select retail locations.


  • Only 2 ingredients! Soy and Water.
  • Most adaptable for recipes. Replaces any protein like chicken, beef and pork.


  • Recipe Ready. Easy 1:1 replacement in well-loved recipes.
  • Savory taste of chicken.


  • Heat & Serve. But we understand you may want to dip it.
  • Quickest meal prep option. No recipe cards or added flavor needed.

Plant-Protein Product Options:

Nature’s PRIME™ Shelf-Stable Plant-Based Products

Improved Nature’s proprietary process turns non-GMO soy protein into plant-based food that replicates the comforting texture consumers expect using only heat, pressure, and steam. It is available to businesses and organizations in concentrate form allowing for extended shelf life without any additional preservatives. Enjoy versatile meal application at a value price.

1 pound of Nature’s PRIME™ yields approximately 5 pounds of  Nature’s Meat™ all-natural plant-based protein!

Download the Nature’s PRIME™ Overview Brochure

To order Nature’s PRIME™ products, visit ImprovedNatureDirect.com

Child Nutrition | Plant-Based Products for Schools

At Improved Nature we are on a mission to feed the future with healthy 100% plant-based protein while maintaining the flavor and texture that is familiar to students. Our CN label approved product line-up allows school cafeterias to easily incorporate plant-based proteins into their menus – providing variety and advanced nutrition without sacrifice. Most often a quick and wholesome replacement for chicken, our unflavored Simplest profile can also take the place of beef or pork. Our plant-based proteins are easy to prepare, non-GMO, and include no artificial ingredients. Heat & Serve or Mix Them In to any existing recipe.

the School Day just got Healthier

What Plant-Protein Fits Your Menu?

No Added Flavor. No Breading.

All-Natural Flavor. No Breading.

All-Natural Flavor. Tasty Breading.

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