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Nature’s PRIME® Slices Ceviche

Yields4 Servings

 1 ¼ lbs Nature's Meat™ Slices, chilled (5 oz Nature's PRIME Slices cooked according to package directions)
 ½ cup Fresh lime juice
 ½ tsp Lime zest
 2 ½ cups Medium-large tomato - diced
 1 ½ cups Medium white onion - chopped
  cup Picked sliced jalapeño - chopped fine
 Jalapeño liquid (reserved, optional)
  cup Manzanilla olive - chopped fine
 3 tbsp Orange juice concentrate - thawed
 ¼ cup Olive oil
 ¼ cup Green onion - chopped
  cup Cilantro - chopped
 ¼ tsp Cumin - ground

Blend thoroughly all ingredients except slices, pickled jalapeño, Manzanilla olive liquids


Add slices, toss gently to blend


Adjust flavor if desired with each of reserved liquid.

Source: Improved Nature® Published with permission of the author. All rights reserved.©
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