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Nature’s PRIME® Slices Tikka Masala

Yields4 Servings

 1 cup Nature's Meat™ Slices (Nature's PRIME Slices cooked in chicken broth according to package directions)
 6 cups Chicken broth
 3 medium size Potatoes - peeled and cubed
 1 Yellow Squash - cubed
 1 jar Favorite Masala Simmer Sauce

Boiled cubed potatoes just until soft. Drain.


In a large saute pan, add Masala simmer sauce, Nature's Slices, potatoes and squash. Heat until squash is desired softness.


Portion into bowls and serve with Indian bread (Naan/Paratha) or Basmati Rice. Devour!

Source: Published with permission of the author, Marc Gottschalk, Esq. All rights reserved.©
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