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The world is witnessing a significant consumer shift towards health and wellness, food safety, and environmental stewardship. Therefore, the Improved Nature® team (that includes meat scientists) has set out to discover Better Protein for a Better Planet®.

At Improved Nature we are driven by the belief that small acts can affect the most change in our world, which guides our food research, development, and plant-forward efforts. We have now perfected a method that takes non-GMO sustainably sourced soy protein and produces healthy, plant-based menu options that are familiar in taste and texture to consumers. And, we do this with minimal processing and no artificial ingredients.

Improved Nature’s products meet the world’s need for more tastily sustainable protein. We are actively growing our network of friends and customers to include restaurant sous-chefs, home chefs, school cooks, grocery buyers, manufacturers and more—who are similarly inspired to incorporate more plant-based meat alternatives.

Because our Nature’s PRIME base product is only 1-INGREDIENT – soy protein concentrate, we can offer a variety of 100% plant-based meat alternatives to conveniently incorporate into regular menu planning.

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We guarantee that our plant-based protein products are best-in-class and will have consumers choosing healthy plant-based proteins not just sometimes, but more of the time.

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