At Improved Nature®, we believe small acts affect the most change in our world. That′s why we created a product which can help positively impact the environment and our health. We offer a 100% plant-based protein product made from sustainable plants. Choosing Improved Nature® is an easy way everyone can enjoy the benefits of high quality, tasty and cost-efficient sustainable protein while reducing our environmental footprint.


From discerning diners and fussy eaters, to those interested in healthy lifestyles or requiring specialty diets, consumers are demanding food that reflects their choices and tastes good. Use our delicious recipes or create your own.

Improved Nature® uses an innovative technology to give healthy soy protein a similar texture and appearance of traditional animal protein. We do this without the addition of any other ingredients.


Improved Nature® uses only a single ingredient mixed with purified water turning healthy plant protein into food fibers. These revolutionary fibers are then shaped into filets, strips, shreds, chunks, or nuggets that satisfy the even the most discerning diner.

We guarantee that no other plant-based product available comes as close to matching the texture or flavor of traditional animal protein products. No other plant-based product available comes as close to matching the texture, appearance or flavor of traditional animal protein products.

Our vegetarian products are available as stand-alone items or as part of delicious ready-to-eat meals. Improved Nature® products can be prepared in refrigerated, frozen, or shelf-stable varieties. The entire product line can be formulated to meet your desirable nutritional or environmental claims.

Demand for sustainable protein is on the rise. Improved Nature® meets that demand with product excellence and quality.

Our Mission


Improved Nature® believes that it is our responsibility to make a better world, and better food makes a better world. We are positively impacting the environment, reducing our carbon footprint and providing competitive healthy products through our unique, healthy and innovative plant-based protein products.