Why We Started with Soy Protein

Soy is quite possibly the most talked about plant protein. Sometimes referred to as a superfood, soybeans make the short list of plants that are complete proteins. A protein is considered complete if it contains the 9 essential amino acids that our bodies do not naturally produce and must source elsewhere.

How Do We Improve a Superfood?

With science and a little bit of magic, Improved Nature’s proprietary method turns non-GMO soy protein concentrate into plant-based food that replicates the comforting texture of meat. And, with the addition of flavors and spices, can mirror the savory flavor as well. But the magic, well that lives in the minimal processing that includes heat, pressure, and steam.

A Flexitarian Future

The growth of plant-based eating continues to be driven by “Flexitarians” with widespread adoption of meatless meals. Plant-based products and menu offerings have been gaining traction for a few years with food service, restaurants, institutions and grocery stores.  This lifestyle choice has long-term staying power as it serves two key food consumption drivers – maintaining a healthy body and a healthy planet. Those who have experienced the transition to more plants, less meat are often quoted as feeling ‘happier and healthier’ as well as ‘less tired’.