We’re doing things with plants you wouldn’t believe.

Nature’s Meat™ is the most convenient and adaptable plant-based meat alternative because it’s made with ONLY TWO INGREDIENTS – soy protein concentrate and water.  Enjoy the convenience, versatility, and advanced nutrition—and at a value price. Improved Nature’s proprietary process turns non-GMO soy protein into plant-based food that replicates the comforting texture consumers expect from meat. Nature’s Meat can be prepared using familiar techniques including batter breaded, fried, marinated, seasoned, or simply added to sauces and casseroles.

Our Recipe Ready Nature’s Meat is chef-quality plant-based complete protein with meat-like texture and neutral flavor that can replace meat in a wide variety of recipes.  Available to manufacturers, food service, restaurants and institutions, Recipe Ready Nature’s Meat is a prepared product that is convenient for use in manufacturing or kitchen operations. Available in familiar shapes such as Slices, Shreds, Mini Pieces and Bits.

Nature's Meat plated
Nature's Meat plated
Nature's Meat hydrated & plated

Consumers want to see plant-based options on menus and in stores.

Plant-based meat alternatives are one of the food industry’s fastest growing consumer trends. One-third of Americans are actively reducing their meat and dairy consumption. In fact, according to a 2020 study from Mintel, more than 50% of Americans agree that restaurants should have more plant protein on their menu. The availability and visibility of plant-based meat in retail stores continues to grow as consumers discover and enjoy plant-based food. With Nature’s Meat, it has never been more convenient to showcase plant-based protein as a leading ingredient.

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Made from TWO Ingredients.
So simple. So nutritious.

Meet consumer demand for nutritious plant-based menu items by showcasing Nature’s Meat in your recipes and on your menus. Our Nature’s Meat 100% plant-based product is complete protein that delivers more potassium, dietary fiber, calcium, and iron than its animal-based counterparts. All of this with only two ingredients!

Nature’s Meat is sold in Recipe Ready form—still clean and simple, with only soy protein concentrate and water. It’s convenient and versatile, with the familiar meat-like texture your customers expect.

Our products are made with all-natural, unbleached, minimally processed soy protein concentrate. Product appearance may vary due to variations in natural ingredients.

Plant-Forward Movement

Join the plant-forward movement.

Recipe Ready Nature’s Meat comes in 4 familiar shapes and sizes that include Slices, Shreds, Bits, and Mini Pieces. Our all-natural meat alternative makes adding more plants to our diet easier than ever. From classic recipes to innovative ethnic cuisines, Recipe Ready Nature’s Meat has a neutral flavor profile to allow for unlimited recipe possibilities.

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As beneficial to our environment as your customer’s health.

Estimates show that we will need to grow 60% more food by 2050 to feed an expected population of 10 billion people. However, expanding our existing model of agriculture will impact our planet’s ability to sustain us in the future.

Consumers are choosing whole-food plant-based options at an ever-increasing rate for two main reasons – nutrition and the environment. Differentiate your brand by choosing Nature’s Meat as the leading ingredient for your plant-based menu items.


Nature's Meat Nutrition Information

Add some spice

Add a little spice to our science.

Nature’s Meat is available in 4 versatile shapes with a 2-year shelf life, frozen.

Enjoy convenient and flavor adaptable meat alternatives that deliver the same texture of meat and can be easily incorporated into any recipe.

Try our Slices, Shreds, Bits and Mini Pieces as a premium plant-based meat alternative in your best-selling recipes!

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Nature’s Meat is sold in hydrated Recipe Ready form with a 2-year life, frozen. Nature’s Meat products are a direct substitution for meat protein in any recipe.