Why We Care

It is estimated that the global population will reach 10 billion people in 2050, and we will need roughly 60% more food than today to feed the world. Improved Nature is addressing the need to feed more people by taking an innovative approach to high-quality protein. We start with U.S. sustainably sourced soy and add a pinch of science to deliver the taste and nutrition consumers expect from chicken, but with more efficient and scalable plants.

Our Soy Proteins are Sustainably Sourced

Transparency and trust are at the core of what we do. We have found that soy protein is considered the most efficient production source of quality protein in the world. Soy has been shown to require less land, consume less water, and reduce pollution.

Because our base product is only one ingredient, soy protein, we can offer a variety of 100% plant-based chicken alternatives that are as good for the environment as our health. Our soy proteins are also non-GMO.


Dig Into Plant-Based Protein

It is possible to produce an abundance of healthy, flavorful plant-based protein with responsible use of existing resources. In fact, we are committed to Zero-Deforestation.  Efficient use of natural resources is considered the single-most important step toward a sustainable food future. We are committed to providing Better Protein for a Better Planet.

FoodTech 500

Awarded to Improved Nature!

Inspired by the Fortune 500, Forward Fooding presents the official FoodTech 500, 2019’s definitive list of global entrepreneurial talent at the intersection between food, technology and sustainability.

2020 marks the very first FoodTech 500. The startup and scale-up success stories shaping the future of food.

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Proud Sponsor of Menus of Change

“What if our most delicious foods—just coincidentally—could also be healthy and environmentally sustainable?”

Menus of Change®: The Business of Healthy, Sustainable, Delicious Food Choices is a ground-breaking initiative from The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health that works to realize a long-term, practical vision integrating optimal nutrition and public health, environmental stewardship and restoration, and social responsibility concerns within the food service industry and the culinary profession.