Our Commitment to Better Protein for a Better Planet®

Improved Nature is addressing the need to feed more people by taking an innovative approach to high-quality protein. We start with sustainably sourced soy and add a pinch of science to deliver the texture and nutrition expected from meat, but with more efficient and scalable plants.

In fact, we extend our efforts from the farm all the way to delivery. The boxes used to ship our products are made with up to 50 percent recycled corrugated cardboard, and 80% of our packaging is made from recyclable material.

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Improved Nature looks to source the highest quality of protein and evaluates each supplier carefully, prioritizing those that demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship and zero deforestation.

Why We Care

Plant-based proteins can be the solution to feeding the world and using our natural resources wisely at the same time. Estimates show that we will need to grow 60 percent more food by 2050 to feed an expected population of 10 billion people. However, expanding our existing model of agriculture will impact our planet’s ability to sustain us in the future.

“Improved Nature is one of the world’s most exciting sustainable food innovators responding to the increasing demand for sustainable plant-based protein.”

FoodTech 500, Forward Fooding