Improved Nature – March 25, 2021

Food of the Future: Prioritizing Plant-Based Foods

Consumers are Recognizing that Healthy Living Starts with Whole Foods

Products containing minimal ingredients and little-to-no processing are classified as “whole food plant-based” products. These products are typically much healthier than heavily processed alternatives and are gaining in popularity among consumers.

Younger consumers, including millennials and Generation Z, are spurring on this interest in plant-based eating, in addition to children, who are convincing their parents that this diet is better for them, and animal welfare.

With consumers learning more about plant-based food every year, there is a huge opportunity for retail food businesses to offer whole food plant-based products, meeting a growing customer demand and differentiating themselves from the competition.

Research Shows Consumers Like Plant-Based Options

Research in this area is backing this up. Analysts are now predicting the percentage of Americans eating plant-based meat may even triple year-over-year. According to a 2020 MarketsandMarkets™ report, the global plant protein market will generate a compound annual growth rate of 7% and reach $14.5 billion by 2025.

And Nielsen Research reported that sales of fresh plant-based meat alternatives nearly doubled every month in 2020, spurred on by consumers who are looking for ways to eat healthier.

A study by the Plant-Based Foods Association in 2020 showed that when plant-based meats were placed in the meat section of stores where people could find them, sales went up 23% nationally, further validating the interest in alternative protein choices.

This wealth of data, along with the trends we have been seeing for years now, indicates that plant-based and vegan products have a bright future ahead, in 2021 and beyond.

It’s Time for Plant-Based Chicken

Plant-based chicken (also known as “vegan chicken”) products are set to see a huge increase in popularity throughout 2021. Jack in the Box was the first major US fast-food chain to release a vegan chicken sandwich in retail, making their “UnChicken Sandwich” available in test markets. Restaurants across the country are now leveraging plant-based chicken alternatives as a leading ingredient, including El Pollo Loco who expanded their menu with great success to include the Chickenless Pollo made from non-GMO soy protein that’s blended in an adobo sauce and infused with traditional Mexican flavors.

A One-Ingredient, Plant-Based Solution

Improved Nature offers options for consumers and businesses looking to conveniently replace meat with a high-quality alternative protein. Our Nature’s PRIME® 100% plant-based protein products are available in diverse size and shape options that include nuggets, slices, shreds, tenders, and more. Our all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO products consist of just one ingredient: soy protein. Nature’s PRIME is non-GMO Project Verified with neutral flavor and meat-like texture. It is a solid choice for whole food plant-based options because of nutrition, versatility and minimal processing.

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