Improved Nature – August 18, 2021

From Bland to Bold – How the Plant-Based Movement is Changing Consumer Perceptions

The movement is now more inclusive, more luxurious, and more decadent than ever before.

The words “vegan” or “meat-free” used to conjure several unpleasantries: stale, bland, boring, deprivation, judgment.

That’s changing.

Veganism and vegetarianism are dietary choices once known as the epitome of self-denial, for only the uber self-disciplinary – a tough selling point for even the healthiest eaters. Enter the hybrid “flexitarian,” and plant-based which has become an area of tremendous enjoyment, even a luxurious way to enjoy food. Regardless of reason for lowering our intake of meat, it’s an industry shift many of us can get behind. Today, it connotes less “self-deprived” and more “nothing sacrificed”.

If you look closer, you’ll find that plant-based enthusiasts get to enjoy many tenets of healthier eating that hit all the senses – texture, flavor, fragrance, splashes of color, palates, profile. By creatively pursuing plant-based cooking and all it has to offer, we are witnessing a new wave of rising chefs with an impressive approach – using a unique mix of global ingredients and diverse techniques.

The Culinary Landscape Has Shifted

Vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians are no longer creating and eating “boring” recipes, and top chefs are capitalizing on it. The creative culinary brains behind today’s plant-forward eateries are demonstrating an untapped world of earthbound textures and flavors.

Industry leaders are introducing marvelous new palates we never knew were possible. By exploring all that the world of plant-based has to offer, the outcome is an entire spectrum of delicious possibilities, whether at the trendy new restaurant in town, or in your own kitchen.

The Future of Plant-Based Cooking

The astonishing range of plant-based possibilities and alternatives can win over the most doubtful skeptic. You don’t have to give up the dishes you find meaningful and memorable. Plant-based proteins are the proverbial white fish of protein: versatile and easily combined with different ingredients and dressings.

Beyond varied textures and flavors, the other elements incorporated in plant-based protein dishes, like toppings, temperature, and ingredients pulled from various nations and cultures, further widen the range of possibilities. And when using high quality plant-based products like Nature’s PRIME®, it offers enough meaty characteristics to interest consumers with meatless dining experiences.

Beyond the plant-based movements themselves, the arbiters of them seem to be improving their reputation as well: advertising themselves as different, one with less objective to change minds, and more to do with making everyone feel welcome. A new way to eat plant-based, one that’s inclusive and embracing the spectrum of dietary choices, includes even the rise of the “flexitarian” community, or those committed to at least cutting down a portion of their meat intake.

A One-Ingredient, Plant-Based Solution

Improved Nature offers options for consumers and businesses looking to conveniently replace meat with a high-quality alternative protein. Our Nature’s PRIME® 100% plant-based protein products are available in diverse size and shape options that include nuggets, slices, shreds, tenders, and more. Our all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO products consist of just one ingredient: soy protein. Nature’s PRIME is non-GMO Project Verified with neutral flavor and meat-like texture. It is a solid choice for whole food plant-based options because of nutrition, versatility and minimal processing.

You can see all of our products and purchase them by visiting To discuss how to integrate plant-based ingredients into your business offerings or menus, send a message to

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