Improved Nature – October 28, 2020

How Plant-Based Foods Greatly Benefit Our Health

Plant-based meat alternative options have exploded in popularity in recent years, and it’s clear that this is not just another trendy food movement. There has been a plethora of new studies indicating that plant-based diets (consisting of mostly whole foods) are much healthier than the typical American diet.

In addition, it has been estimated that over 60% of Americans have begun eating a more plant-based diet since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Researchers have found that you can lower your blood pressure by cutting back on meat and dairy and adding more vegetables and whole grains to your daily routine, which has likely fueled the popularity of plant-based diets. A plant-based diet can improve our health in a variety of ways, from helping prevent cardiovascular disease, to lowering our risk of developing diabetes. In this month’s blog post, we’ll explore some key benefits further.

Garden of Youth

A new review on the many benefits of plant-based diets was recently published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. During clinical trials, it was discovered that plant-based diets significantly reduced the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, as well as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The researchers also found that so-called ‘Blue Zones’, areas where people live longer than average, have higher concentrations of people who have mostly plant-based diets.

Okinawa, Japan is a perfect example of a Blue Zone. The Japanese island is known to have one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, and the people of Okinawa are known for not smoking, working out often, and consuming mostly plant-based foods. Due to these findings, researchers concluded that the adoption of a plant-based diet could astonishingly delay the aging process, extend life expectancy, reduce healthcare costs, and reduce the risks of diseases associated with age It also has been proven by scientists and doctors to decrease the risk of developing serious health issues and ailments, even including certain types of cancer.

Top of Its Class

For some schools, such as MUSE School in California, students are served 100% plant-based lunches and snacks throughout the day. MUSE made this transition based on their commitment to sustainability, as animal agriculture is the second largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Also, by reducing the amount of animal agriculture, MUSE is aiming to offset some of the effects of deforestation and extinction. So not only are students and staff saving water and reducing carbon emissions by eating plant-based meals, they’re also consuming a healthy diet full of plant-based goodness.

 A No Pressure Diet

In one of the first comprehensive reviews done on the topic, researchers at the University of Warwick in the UK recently published their findings from another clinical trial where a test group was fed a plant-based diet and a control group was given a standard diet. From the experiment, they were able to establish a clear link between diet and blood pressure, which is also a determinant of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Soy Packs a Powerful Plant-Protein Punch

That’s where we come in. Improved Nature provides nutritious, non-GMO, 100% plant-based protein, and we chose to create our innovative products with soy protein concentrate for a number of reasons. Soy is often referred to as a superfood and soybeans make the short list of plants that are complete proteins. A protein is considered complete if it contains the 9 essential amino acids that our bodies do not naturally produce and must source elsewhere.

Additionally, the high fiber content of soy supports its superfood status. With only 5% of people in the U.S. meeting the Institute of Medicine’s recommended daily goal for fiber consumption, choosing our products instead of chicken or other meats could seriously up your health game.

Whether switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet, or simply choosing to incorporate more plant-based foods—it’s a no brainer for our health. And while most diets only require you to follow them for a set amount of time to see results, switching to a diet rich in plants, is more of a lifestyle choice with longer term benefits. Not only is choosing plant-based better for our health, it’s also better for the planet.

To conclude, if you were not convinced before, we hope that you are a bit closer to at least trying plant-based foods now. While we don’t expect everyone to make the switch, we hope people will choose plant protein more of the time and start reaping the many health benefits.




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