Participants at the Alternative Protein Show learned why Improved Nature® is the new favorite plant-based protein.
Silver Sponsor, Improved Nature® catered the Alternative Protein Show luncheon on January 16th.

Chef Keith Darling served this delicious menu:

Improved Nature® Poppers in Vegan, Gluten-Free Tikka Masala Sauce
Improved Nature® Baked Breaded Tenders with Mint Chutney Dipping Sauce
Improved Nature® Jerky Bites

Ready to cook, ready to eat, Improved Nature’s unique products are non-GMO, free of artificial ingredients, clean-label and 100% plant-based. Introducing the world to a better meat alternative is the mission of Improved Nature®. This is fulfilled by offering delicious, sustainable and high-quality meat substitutes that are ready to heat and ready to cook.

Ready to heat products

Ready to heat products are made for retail and store brands, and food service suppliers selling in the refrigerated and frozen distribution channels. These pre-seasoned and/or coated products have an amazing texture and flavor. Your customers will enjoy a wide variety of delicious food including everyone’s favorite nuggets, strips and filets.

Appealing texture, flavor and appearance

Ready to cook products are tailored for major food processors and can be included in your own prepared meals. While a direct replacement for chicken, pork and beef, the texture, flavor and appearance are crowd-pleasers. From the grill, oven-roasted, or smoke-flavored uncoated chicken-free strips to the uncoated beef-free strips for fajitas or other prepared meals calling for meat strips, you can make the dishes that your customers love with the added benefit of offering them a product which can help all of us positively impact the environment and our health.

Improved Nature® and Chef Keith Darling served it up, and satisfied everyone at the Alternative Protein Show leaving many eager for more.

Improved Nature® is a certified USDA Child Nutrition Approved Product and meets the school dietary guidelines for protein at a comparable cost to animal protein, without any of the fat or cholesterol. Products will be available everywhere soon, and for now contact Gold Star Foods for orders in California and Nevada.

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