Improved Nature – February 8, 2023

Plant-Based Diets, Then and Now

It may feel like you’ve just started hearing about plant-based diets in the last several years. Maybe you know a few friends who’ve made the switch in their diets, or your neighborhood has a restaurant or two with plant-based menu items.

No matter how recent it all seems, the truth is that plant-based diets have a long, storied history.

From 1500 B.C. to Pythagoras and Leonardo Da Vinci and all the way to Beyoncé, individuals and people groups throughout history have chosen to keep meat off their dinner menu.

If you’re considering making that same change, it might be helpful to know a bit more about the history of others who have made plants their primary source of sustenance. The science and technology behind today’s plant-based diets have made leaps and bounds, but the desire to live this way has been around for generations.

This timeline lays out the high points in the evolution of plant-based diets.



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