Menus of Change leadership summit 2019 bronze sponsor

Proud to sponsor Menus of Change

For the second year in a row, Improved Nature® is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor of the 2019 Menus of Change Summit which brings together a diverse group of leaders in health, wellness, sustainability, foodservice, and food sourcing industries. The 7th annual Menus of Change Leadership Summit will convene June 18-20 at The Culinary […]

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Future Food-Tech Summit

Future Food-Tech Summit Networking Lunch Partner

Come see us at Future Food-Tech Summit New York Improved Nature ® is proud to be a Networking Lunch Break Partner, June 18-19 at Future Food-Tech Summit in New York. Join us and discover new technologies that could be potential game-changers. You don’t want to miss this amazing event! Achieving Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems […]

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alternative protein show with Improved Nature's Mexican Street Corn Pasta Salad

Improved Nature® Served it Up at the Alternative Protein Show

Participants at the Alternative Protein Show learned why Improved Nature® is the new favorite plant-based protein. Silver Sponsor, Improved Nature® catered the Alternative Protein Show luncheon on January 16th. Chef Keith Darling served this delicious menu: Improved Nature® Poppers in Vegan, Gluten-Free Tikka Masala Sauce Improved Nature® Baked Breaded Tenders with Mint Chutney Dipping Sauce Improved […]

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Chef Keith Darling of Improved Nature shares his philosophy about plant-based foods

Meet Keith Darling

Keith Darling’s Philosophy on Plant-Based Cuisine The value of putting plant-based food choices to the center of the plate came from tending gardens growing up. My parents loved to cook and brought delicious dishes from cuisines of the world to our family table, most of these meals being meat free. With this foundation rooted firmly […]

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